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T-DRONES 6S 22Ah Smart Drone Battery For UAVs

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Enhance Safety and Performance with Advanced BMS for Your Flight Needs

Key Benefits and Features of Smart 6S 22Ah Drone Battery:

Automatic Balance Charging: Each cell's energy is automatically balanced during charging, maintaining a stable full voltage at 4.2V.

Battery Capacity Monitoring: Real-time power display and accessible battery level information through the BMS.

Enhanced Protection: Safeguard the lithium battery from water damage, extending battery life and ensuring safe usage.

Universal Charger Compatibility: Equipped with an XT90 adapter, making it compatible with regular chargers for added convenience."

Name/Parameter Smart 6S 22AH
Dimensions 216mm*86mm*77mm
Voltage 22.2V
Capacity 22000mAh
Continuous Discharge 5C(110A)
Max Discharge 10C(220A)
Energy 488.4Wh
Energy density 251.7Wh/kg
Weight 2090g
T-DRONES 6S 22Ah Smart Drone Battery For UAVs - T-MOTOR T-DRONES 6S 22Ah Smart Drone Battery For UAVs - T-MOTOR

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