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How to choose a suitable motor for 60-inch aircraft

Jul 28, 2023 jamesWu
How to choose a suitable motor for 60-inch aircraft - T-MOTOR

In this article we will analyze to arrive at the best choice of motor set-ups, ESCs, and propellers for electric aerobatic and non-acrobatic aircraft relative in size to 60 inches of wingspan. My name is Sacha Cecconi and I am a professional RC pilot with 22 years of experience in the sector, based on this I have really had the opportunity to test many types of electric propulsion of different brands with the various developments that the sector and technological progress requires. In recent years, among all the various brands on the market, “T-Motor” has developed some of the absolute best engines and products related to fully electric propulsion, thanks to their dynamism, being a company of Chinese origin, but extremely attentive and present on the market, investing heavily in continuous developments thanks also to the informations with which it cares to know in the various RC events around the world.

Thanks to his work this brand has revolutionized the sector of FPV and small RC aircraft for indoor or Park-Flyer flight. But obviously it is not stopping at small sizes, wanting to reach a leading role also in large size outdoor flight aircraft, bringing exceptional products for sizes from 0 to 70 inches of wingspan with some different characteristics that are divided according to which type of airplane you want to fly and with which lipo batteries you want to use from 2 to 6 cells. In fact, for the 60" inch size, I'm going to show you the best choices from T-Motor, the choice to talk about planes of this size comes from the fact that they are the most popular sizes on the market accessible to everyone. First of all it is important to talk about what type of plane you want to make, acrobatic or non-acrobatic reproduction or trainer for those who are starting out, because the choice of the power unit to use can vary according to the needs and the flight that the plane has to perform . A totally acrobatic aircraft will be called upon to perform very stressful maneuvers where very high power is required, which must be at least 2 times the total weight of the aircraft, for this choice my suggestion is to take a T-Motor AM series engine specifically AM 600 with its ESC and propeller combo.

The Combo Am 600 has a T-motor A116 ESC with carbon or non-carbon 16x8 propellers, this combination guarantees a thrust of 8298g, well over 2 times the total weight of the aircraft usually found around more or less 2,5kg. With a 6-cell lipo battery with a capacity of 4000mah, it is possible to do 5/6 minutes of 3D aerobatic flight, a truly excellent performance.

If exceptional performance is not required but only a constant and linear shooting with a "softer" engine response because we have to make a semi aerobatic reproduction aircraft at that point I recommend the AT series, specifically the AT 4120 combo, this engine set it also guarantees a smaller footprint inside the motor naca thanks to its smaller size, but with high thrust performance of 6 kg with 6 battery cells and 80A of ESC, therefore excellent for semi-reproduction or semi-acrobatic aircraft.

For more information I suggest you visit the online website :https://shop.tmotor.com/

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