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TMOTOR Velox F7 SE Full Function Flight Controller

$66.90 USD
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About This Product

Experience the full functionality of VELOX F7 SE flight controller. Enhanced safety with Betaflight wiring standard. Precise control, seamless compatibility, and wireless parameter adjustment. Enjoy worry-free flying with 128M black box. Upgrade your FPV experience now!

Unique Point

Simplified Wire Order: VELOX F7 SE flight controller ensures easy and standardized wire connections, compatible with V50A SE ESC.

Enhanced Performance: Experience stable flight with low latency using the second-generation power solution

Wireless Bluetooth Control: Adjust settings wirelessly using SpeedyBee software on your mobile phone, eliminating the need for cables.

Ample Memory Capacity 128M storage, allowing for efficient recording of flight data.

Versatile Solder Pads: Conveniently connect various devices without soldering, including video receivers, cameras, LEDs, and GPS.

Multi-Motor Control: Control up to 8 motors for diverse configurations, expanding the capabilities of your drone



Frame: 5" X4 FPV Drone
Motor: TMOTOR Velox V2207/V2306 V3
Stack:TMOTOR VELOX Full Fuction Stack

Compatible Propellers: TMOTOR T5143S

VTX: FT800
Battery: 6S


Frame: 7" X8 Cine Drone

Motor: TMOTOR Velox V2812 KV1155


Compatible Propellers: TMOTOR C7.5*4.6

Battery: 6S

TMOTOR-Velox-F7-SE-Full-Function-Flight-Controller TMOTOR-Velox-F7-SE-Full-Function-Flight-Controller-1 TMOTOR-Velox-F7-SE-Full-Function-Flight-Controller-2 TMOTOR-Velox-F7-SE-Full-Function-Flight-Controller-3

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